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How to Become a Writer? Advice from a Novice Writer.

As a novice writer with only two books in print, even I get asked questions about writing. There are basically two conditions that need to be addressed: If you want to be a writer, START! If you are a writer, CONTINUE! 

There are no ironclad rules for writing: YOUR story is YOUR story and has value to your family, friends, neighbors, and workmates. Even if you scribble down a humorous tale from your youth, an informative event in your work career, or a bit of insight into a personal tragedy, you are required to write it down. 

These snippets of your life are vastly important to future generations. Compile your work in some form, preferably electronically, however, a collection of handwritten notes in a shoebox works too. 

When you start writing, your mental health will improve, writing is a sort of self-help therapy. I have written about disastrous events that I was a player in while engaged in the fire service and construction industry. These will never be seen by anyone until after I leave, they are personal. They were in fact, therapy. 

Where should you start? Think of a fun story, a sad story, a work related event, a family issue, and write that down! Hide it if you feel like it, but retain it for someone in the future to find and enjoy or learn from. 

There are two parts to writing: Readers who support writers, and writers that engage readers, and you can be both! 

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