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re-ring by Russell H. Ford (Neah Bey Book 2)


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re-ring is the second book of what Russ calls the ‘Neah Bey Series’ and deals with known geological history dealing with continental drift and plate tectonics.

In re-ring, one ponders the work of Dr. Richard Leakey, paleoanthropologist in his discovery of “Lucy”. What if Lucy was not the presumed human precursor, but the starving remnants of the first great human race that got to the edge of the Industrial Revolution, but then died out?

Look up Antikythera Mechanism, and ponder the civilization that made such an intricate device. Where is the mine, the foundry, the mills, drills and lathes that made such a device?

Look up Operation Windmill and Operation High Jump. Ponder the time frame between sending about 10,000 personnel to what was basically the dark side of the moon on earth starting on August 2, 1946 to explore the Antarctic. Ponder that the war in the Pacific ended on September 2, 1945. A mere 359 days between the signing of the peace treaty in 1945 and the start of a vast campaign to explore the Antarctic. What was so important to do that?

What is special about these copies? 
– First Editions with the original covers as seen in the picture above.

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